Meridian Gallery is proud to present the first major survey of the work of Bay Area artist Prajakti Jayavant, curated by John Zarobell, former curator at SFMOMA.

“Jayavant’s work is a complex constellation of artistic ideas rendered immediate in the flesh. Her painted works on paper are folded and cut, torn and trimmed. Approaching this work requires an open mind because it is not illustrative but provocative. The paintings refer to so many objects we might have seen before and they evoke thoughts and sensations but finally stand alone. They play by their own rules, creating a universe through overlapping forms and complementary colors. These objects enter our space and take up our minds. Most of the works on view have been produced in the past two years but a few were made earlier and provide context on the artist’s development. In addition, this exhibition marks the release of the limited edition, hand-made artist’s book STORY (2001/2011), which supplements the mute expressiveness of the paintings with voice and spins strands of language into an interior narrative.”

- John Zarobell